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Student Internship Reflection – Jordan Lloyd-Head

Hi, I’m Jordan and I am currently working towards my BA History degree. This year, I have worked as an intern with the Digital Humanities Lab and I will be reflecting on the experience and skills that I developed in this blog post.

One of the best things about working in the labs is the extensive range of possibilities available, which gave me the opportunity to work with 2D, 3D, and Audio-Visual digitisation. My favourite area of work was 3D digitisation in the Makerspace, which houses our 3D printers and 3D workstation. This was an area which I became particularly interested in and one that would be of particular use to any future intern interested in cultural heritage. I loved 3D Digitisation because it required me to create things. 3D has so much potential for education as it creates a hands-on learning experience and makes digital education more accessible and is an area that I would definitely recommend getting into! In addition to my 3D work, I learnt how to code, played with Arduino boards, and also completed highly precise Photoshop stitching on our Saxton’s ‘Atlas of England and Wales’ project. Continue reading

Digital Humanities Intern Team Showcase 2020

Our intern cohort of 2019/ 2020 created individual presentations to share their experiences of working in the DH Lab and talk about their digital projects. Find out more about the benefits of the internship to their learning as Humanities undergraduates and the positive impact on their progression and aspirations.

Eve Alderson – BA History & French

Francis Elsender – BA Theology & Religion

Sophie Hammond – BA History

Laura Jones – BA History & Archaeology

Jordan Lloyd-Head – BA History

Tumisang Mbedzi – BSc Archaeology & Forensic Science

Volunteering in the Digital Humanities Lab


Student Internship Reflection – Eve Alderson

My name is Eve and I’ve just completed my last assignments as a final year History and French student at the university. Working as an intern in the DH Lab this year has been an incredible experience, allowing me to truly make the most of my final year at Exeter.

This internship has enabled me to develop so many skills throughout the year, related to both DH and the more general world of work. With regard to my DH skills, I have had the opportunity to be trained in 2D and 3D Digitisation, 3D printing and Audio-Visual techniques. I am particularly interested in 2D digitisation techniques because they allow us to study more closely and preserve historical documents and manuscripts, as well as the use of digital archives, to make them accessible to the wider public. Throughout the year I have been able to get involved in numerous projects of this kind, which has really enabled me to hone my skills. Continue reading

Student Internship Reflection – Francis Elsender

Hi, my name is Francis Elsender and I am a final year Theology and religions student. I originally wanted to be a Digital Humanities Lab intern because I am a big fan of technological innovations as well as the humanities but felt there really wasn’t a discipline that successfully blended the two together until I found out about the Lab. My favourite thing about working for the lab has to be the sheer variety of things we get up to on a day to day basis, many of which I would never have had the chance to encounter by just doing my degree. Thanks to working at the lab, I am now proficient in video and audio editing, digitisation of 2D and 3D objects, handling artefacts and texts and I could probably give photography and 3D printing a good shot too! All my co-workers will tell you that my favourite part of the lab is the AV suite as it allows us to make the humanities accessible to all through the resources we create. Continue reading

Student Internship Reflection – Sophie Hammond

Name: Sophie

Degree: BA History

Favourite project?

In my second term, I worked in partnership with Exeter City Football Club’s Grecian Archive to digitise VHS match tapes. This has been a standout project because it has given me invaluable experience in a leadership position, as I have been responsible for developing a workflow for the digitisation process and liaising with Archive staff.

What skills have you developed?

Working in the DH Lab has allowed me to interact with several exciting technologies, including 2D digitisation, 3D printing and Photoshop. Through my experience of digitisation, I have built upon my photography skills and have developed a strong attention to detail. Working on the advisory desk has also enabled me to strengthen my interpersonal skills through interaction with Lab visitors. During my internship, I have developed transferrable organisational, communicational and leadership skills. I have also gained self-confidence, as I have been given the opportunity to express my creativity within an enthusiastic team. Continue reading