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Report on the Digital Humanities Congress 2016, Sheffield

In contrast to the huge scale of the previous conference in Kraków, Autumn has offered an opportunity to attend something a little more manageable. The Digitial Humanities Congress is hosted biennially by the Humanities Research Institute in Sheffield, and is a national conference that attracts international audiences.

In a very varied programme, the speakers covered topics such as musicology, text mining and analysis, semantic encoding and infrastructural issues. An early highlight was a series of papers, introduced by Marilyn Deegan, on the ‘Academic Book of the Future’, which discussed the potential shape of academic outputs, and specifically monographs, as the move to digital and open access opens up new possibilities. Creating works with greater interactivity and engagement, that can link directly to open access source material, and provide insight through well-designed interactive visualisations and access to raw data were all high on the wish-list, with some intriguing experiments.

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Welcome to the new blog from the Digital Humanities team at the University of Exeter. Whilst Exeter has engaged in Digital Humanities since before it was called ‘Humanities Computing’, this seemed an opportune time to begin telling everyone about our activities for several reasons.

Day of DH 2016 logo

Firstly, we wanted to embrace the spirit of the worldwide Digital Humanities community, with our first post appearing on the ‘Day of DH 2016‘. ‘Day of DH’ is a collective global blog which documents DH activity around the world on a single day each year. It’s well worth dipping into blogs from previous years (2015, 2014, 2013,…) to see the breadth of expertise and depth of innovative research that the community engages in on a day-to-day basis, or you can follow events live on the twitter feed (@DayofDH).

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