We welcome our new Digital Humanities Intern team for 2018/19!

In June, the Digital Humanities team recruited six new College of Humanities undergraduates to advisory intern positions, based in the Digital Humanities Lab. The interns commenced work with us at the beginning of the new academic year, and we are pleased that our new cohort are joining us for a much longer internship. We received an impressively large number of applications and, following a competitive interview process, we were pleased to appoint candidates with a keen interest in the field, enthusiasm, strong problem-solving skills, and an interest in careers within the Digital Humanities.

The team have put together an introduction to their roles below, and some background on their own interests. The team bring with them positive energy and new perspectives on our projects and we welcome them and their ideas to the Digital Humanities Lab research community:

Hello! We are Hannah, Eleanor, Ciprian, Connor, Corey and Dan, and we make up the Digital Humanities Advisory Intern Team 2018/19. Over the next academic year we will be assisting our colleagues in their research endeavours and helping with the day-to-day running of the lab.

After our initial training, we are already enjoying experimenting with using the 3D printers and other equipment, and we are settling into our advisory desk work and lab duties. We looking forward to expanding our skills and applying them to external and personal projects over the coming year.

Our academic interests are very varied and we have all begun our internships eager to develop our skills in specialist areas and to explore the opportunities offered by the Digital Humanities Lab. A particular area of interest for us is how digital techniques can be used to further our academic studies, for example the use of liDar data in interpreting archaeological data. Working on existing projects is also an exciting opportunity to get involved first-hand in digitisation projects, to gain experience in conservation and to work with experts in their respective fields.

Connor Spence

“I’m Connor, a second year English student. I am interested in the benefits of encoding texts, and the myriad of opportunities this opens for texts, including the benefits of so called ‘distance reading’ and how this can provide extra insights for close readings. Archivisation projects also excite me, as it means texts can be be protected for future generations whilst allowing us to continue to study on them today.”

Eleanor Mason

“I’m Eleanor, a third year Classics student. I am particularly interested in archival photography and 2D digitisation, since my study of Classics has revealed to me the importance of preserving manuscripts. I am also fascinated by the opportunities the creation of digital archives offers for education and I am looking forward to exploring this further over the next year!”

Corey Hamilton

“My name is Corey, and I am a third year English student interested in the relationship between art, history and technology in the digital age. I am drawn to the Digital Humanities due to the intersectionality of its various disciplines, and how seemingly disparate subject areas can work to complement and enhance one another. I am particularly interested in the range of 2D & 3D digitisation techniques within the lab, as they provide us with new ways of capturing texts and history.”

Hannah Britton

“I’m Hannah, a third year Archaeology student. I am very interested in 3D digitisation and Photogrammetry as in my discipline we work closely with objects and landscapes. As a second year intern at the lab I hope to work on larger scale digitisation projects this year working closely with the archaeology department.”

Ciprian Lungescu

“I’m Ciprian, a third year Archaeology student. I’m interested in the digitisation and 3D printing branches of the Digital Humanities Lab. That is because I believe in disciplines such as archaeology, the digital aspects, such as the services made possible by the lab, are revolutionising the subjects. I am really excited about getting hands on experience with specialist equipment and participating in the exciting projects undertaken in the humanities lab.”

Dan Brock

“I’m Dan, a third year Ancient History and Archaeology student and aspiring academic. I have a particular interest in exploring how the technology available in the Digital Humanities Lab can be used to assist in the preservation and interpretation of material culture and historic landscapes. To this end, I hope to become well acquainted with the use of photogrammetry in digitising objects of archaeological significance, and have already begun to explore the practicalities surrounding the processing of publicly available LiDAR data into 3D printed models for use in learning and research environments.

The team look forward to meeting you on your next visit to the Digital Humanities Lab.

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